Rush Limbaugh Dies Of Lung Cancer At Age 70

Rush Limbaugh Dies Of Lung Cancer At Age 70

Sylvie Ballou

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh died this week due to lung cancer. Although his political alignment wouldn’t be stated right next to his name in an article honoring his death if he were not aligned with the majority of news sources, most articles honoring his death note that he was a conservative talk show host.

He was the conservative muse of talk radio; Trump even awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and after he died his wife came on to the show to tell his listeners that he “passed away this morning due to complications with lung cancer.”  He gained his popularity because he wasn’t afraid to say things that weren’t politically, some might even argue morally, correct, and his audience saw the same unrelenting passion in him that they saw in Trump.

Because he was so closely aligned with Trump, many sources chose to honor his death by expressing their very clearly biased disgust rather than just honoring the influence he had on so many Americans. Whether his influence was aligned with the personal political ideals of the people reporting his death or not, it is important to still exhibit unbiased news.

Rush Limbaugh’s battle with lung cancer was a tragic one, and his death was mourned by many who appreciated what he had to say, but more importantly his death is an example of the unforgiving bias ever so present in today’s news.