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    United States getting hit by Winter Storm


    Throughout the past week, winter storms have been sweeping through almost all of America, including southern states such as Texas, Mississippi, Louisana, Oklahoma, Kansas, and many more. In obscure fashion, the temperature has dropped to the lowest that we have ever seen in centuries, such as Oklahoma dropping to negative 14 degrees and Fayetteville, Arkansas dropping to negative 20 degrees.

    Currently, in the United States, more than 100 million people are being affected by these extreme weather patterns, with snow covering 71% of the United States. But, this is not the last storm they predict to hit: they predict an ice storm to hit around the midwest area on February 19, 2021 with .1  inch of ice that would cause mass power outages throughout many cities. So far worldwide, there have been at least 23 incidents where people have died from extreme temperatures.

    In a couple of cities such as Houston and Fort Wayne, with the mass power outages, they needed to send out a boil-water notice. These notices mean do not drink the water without boiling it. More than 3.5 million people have been without power in Texas for hours to even days and are still without power.

    With a lot of these storms hitting the south, their homes are not usually insulated well to protect against winter storms like these, causing many problems like frozen pipes. Many homeowners are freezing in their homes and many need to sleep by the fireplace.


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