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    Tiger Woods Unfortunate Car Crash


    Controversial superstar golfer Tiger Woods suffered major leg injuries this Tuesday, February 23rd, morning. After a serious car crash in California, Tiger Woods now needs to go through an arduous recovery process. Woods was believed to be traveling at a very high speed and had trouble stopping the vehicle. This road specifically is prone to many accidents throughout the past year, having 13 accidents on the road.

    Woods’ injuries include many fractures of the upper and lower body of the tibia and fibula bones. Woods said after the crash that “he had no a recollection of the crash,” according to County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

    Unfortunately, this was not Woods’ first crash; back in 2009, Woods crashed his car into a fire hydrant.  The injuries that Woods sustained from the crash in 2009 were luckily minor.

    But some of the media was speculating that Woods’ wife at the time, Nordegon, had some involvement in the crash. They made the claim that she chased Woods’ vehicle with a golf club, causing him to crash into the fire hydrant. But this was the first domino in Woods’ scandalous life following this incident.

    Tiger Woods has a legendary career, being the youngest golfer to ever win the Masters. He also was a five-time Masters tournament winner, four-time PGA tournament, and U.S Open winner.

    The burning question that is on everyone’s minds is: could Tiger make a return to golf?




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