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    “The Burglars” by Brittany Fababe


    The twin brothers, Robert and Zach, come from a family that it’s not that rich, but not that poor either. Their family is just in the middle, enough to get and buy all the things they need to survive. Robert and Zach are very responsible sons to their mom because they don’t want to be a burden to her. They know how hard their mom went through when they were still young. Their mom was the only one who took care of both of them because their dad left their mom when she was still pregnant. They are both mad to their dad for leaving them, but they couldn’t do anything and he is still their dad no matter what. Robert and Zach are 27 years old, tall and have a fit body. They both have dark hair and eyes. They have the same personality traits where they are both friendly, hardworking, smart, and everything you could use to describe for an ideal son, friend or just a person, but the only difference is that Robert is just a very impulsive person. He just do something  that he wants without thinking what would be the result of it. 

    Robert and Zach have work today from noon to eight in the evening. They are working because they don’t want their mom to do anything, but to rest and do whatever she wants. They both think that it is their time to give back all the things that their mom did and sacrificed for the both of them. They are both tired from work, so they go home early. When  they arrive at their house, they hear someone talking in the kitchen. It is their mom talking to someone on the phone. They are about to go upstairs to take a shower and rest, but then they hear something that turns their world upside down. Their mom is very sick and she didn’t tell this to the twins because she didn’t want them to worry about her and all the expenses she needs for her treatment.

    The twins work very hard at work because they really need a lot of money for their mom’s treatment. Even though she has insurance, there are still some medications and treatments they need to pay. Both of them apply for another full time job even though this means that they won’t have a day to rest, but they will do anything for their mom. Unfortunately, they couldn’t cover all her expenses for her treatment with their jobs. Robert knows that if this happens, then their mom would get worse and they couldn’t afford that to happen. Robert is thinking about something that he didn’t imagine he would do, but he has no choice. 

    Exactly one-thirty in the morning in Twinsburg, Ohio, Robert and Zack are inside their car, looking at the bank a few meters away from them. Robert tells him about his idea and Zach couldn’t believe that they would do this. Zach knows that this is his impulsive and very desperate twin brother trying to help their mom and he couldn’t stop him doing this, so he decides to do this with him even if it is wrong. They get out of their car and walk toward the back of the bank where no one could see them easily.  They couldn’t hear anything beside their hearts beating so fast. This night is very quiet and peaceful as if they are not doing anything bad. As they reach at the back of this small bank the size of just a regular house, they look at each other. They are having a second thought about doing this, but they decide to continue it. When they finally get inside, they go for the money immediately. When Robert opens the bank vault, he goes inside just to get enough money for their mom’s treatment, but Zach stops.

    After that night, Robert and Zach don’t talk about what happened. They just continue working together to help their mom. Then one day, police officers come at their house to arrest both of them. They are all shocked, especially their mom and when everything sinks into Robert’s mind, he panics so he starts running. Zach is about to go after him to stop him from running because he knows that it would look more suspicious if Robert runs, but then one of the officers gets him and the rest start chasing Robert. The officer brings Zach to the police station and starts questioning him and he keeps saying that they just attempted to rob the bank, but they did not take any money. The police officer do not believe him because they have evidence from the security camera that Robert went inside the vault and carried a bag when they got out from the bank.

    Zach is very nervous and mad at himself because he did not check the security camera before they left, but he knows that they didn’t do it. Few hou rs later, the police officers come back to the station without his brother. Zach becomes worried and he asks this one police officer who ran after his brother, Officer Blake.

    “Officer, where is my brother?” Zach asks him with worry on his face.

    “Your brother got hit by a car but don’t worry, he is okay. He is in the hospital right now. You have to stay here with your lawyer for a while until they will check your case and prove that you guys didn’t do it.”

    “Officer, you have to believe me that we didn’t take any money from that bank!” Zach sounds so desperate.

    “It’s not for me to decide that,” Officer Blake stands up and gets out of the room.

    Officer Blake has been working as a police officer for 20 years in Twinsburg, Ohio. He is 43 years old and has two sons and a daughter. He has white and dark hair and dark brown eyes. He has an average height and a large body. He is a very intelligent, dedicated and principled person, especially on his job, that is why a lot of people in the city and at work like him. 

    Officer Blake goes to his office and looks at the evidence. He feels like the twins are telling the truth but he needs to prove it, that is why he checks the footage again to see if there is something wrong about it. They need to solve this case because they don’t want to have the wrong people while the one who did it is enjoying the money he or she stole. The life of Robert and Zach are at stakes and also this is for the owner of the bank. While he is checking the footage, he notices that it isn’t complete. There is no video from 6 – 6:45 in the morning that day and because of that, he thinks that someone who is working in the bank did this. He calls the bank owner and tells him that he will go to his office in a minute.

    Officer Blake goes to the bank and talks to the owner about what he found out on the evidence. After discussing all of this, they both have a suspicion that someone who is working in the bank did this, so he asks him who is in charge of the security footage and who worked on the day when the twins attempted to steal the money. The owner gives the list of the names to Officer Blake and he will give this to the station as soon as he gets there. He makes sure that he will start questioning the people who are in that list as soon as possible. He goes out of the office and is about to open the door when he bumps into someone.

    The girl just parks her new car in front of the bank. She gets her bag without checking it and gets out of her car as fast as she could because she is already 3 hours late. Her work starts at six in the morning, but the bank opens at eight. She is the one who is in charge preparing all the things they need for the work that is why she goes to the bank so early in the morning. She walks so fast because she is worried that her boss will be mad at her for being late, but then her phone starts ringing. She searches her phone inside her bag and she doesn’t see Officer Blake is on her way and they bump into each other. Her bag falls and all of her things inside her bag are all on the floor. Her phone, keys, make-up pouches, and a lot of hundred dollar bills.

    “I didn’t see you Sir, I’m sorry!” the girl starts panicking and starts picking up all her things.

    “It’s okay. Do you work here miss?” Officer Blake asks her because the girl is getting suspicious.

    “Yes, Sir. Why?” the girl looks up.

    Officer Blake ignores her question. “What is your name miss?”

    “My name is Ava. Ava Harisson,” the girl answers even though she is confused why all of a sudden, an officer asks her name.

    Officer Blake looks at the paper that the bank owner gave it to him earlier and he sees that Ava Harrison is on that list. “Ava Harrison, you’re under arrest for stealing money from this bank.”

    Few days later, after reviewing this case and proving that Ava is guilty, they put her in jail and she will spend her time there for a lot of years. While for Robert and Zach, they will spend time in jail for 6 months and after that, they will do community service in Twinsburg.

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