Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Sylvie Ballou

Golden hour is the wonderful time when the sun casts a golden light through the holes in the cloud onto the willing earth below, it occurs for up to an hour after sunrise, and up to an hour before sunset. This is the most flawless lighting for photographs, whether they are for an Instagram post or an art gallery in Columbus, for it creates a warm saturated glow on the face with crisp, deep shadows.

This light allows the beauty of the sun fulfilling its visits to the earth to last longer. You could look out the window at 5:30 and see the beautiful honey winks on the tops of buildings or in little patches on your wall and bask in the glory only to look back out your window at 6:30 and witness the beautiful cotton candy sky as the falls asleep.

Amelia Moore, a junior, appreciates golden hour because “it’s the sun’s most vulnerable point” because “not only does it appear closer to us but its true colors show.” Golden hour is appreciated by lenses across the world. Adobe, the industry responsible for Photoshop, claims that golden hour provides the “perfect light to capture stunning photos.” In photography classes, teachers recommend that when you are just learning how to adjust the settings to the lighting to shoot during golden hour because it requires the least adjustments, it is when the world needs no adjustments.

When we think of the sun we label it golden, because our minds capture the sun as its most beautiful self, in its most vulnerable hour, we perceive the sun as it is when we are the closest to it.