Leaks about the iPhone 13

Leaks about the iPhone 13

Jacob Goings

Apple is always working on new products. That’s why they are already working on the iPhone 13, even though the iPhone 12 is only a few months old.

The iPhone 13 will be bringing back the old flat edges that the iPhone 5 had. This phone will also be removing the black bar that appears at the top of iPhones 10-12, which will truly give this phone an all-screen display.

Apple is also thinking about taking away the lightning port, making this the first port-less iPhone. This means that users will have to rely on wireless charging to charge their new iPhone.

Another thing that will be improved is the battery life. Apple is planning on making the iPhone 13 adopt soft board battery tech. This means that the new battery will be much thinner, but they will have a much larger capacity.

Apple will also be including the display tech from the iPad Pro. This will give the iPhone 13 a 120hz ProMotion display, which would greatly increase the enjoyment of this phone. It would also be great for animations and super-smooth scrolling.

Apple will also be upgrading the camera. It will have a folding periscope lens, which means that it will be able to zoom in up to 50x. If this lens is going to be included in the iPhone 13, it might be able to beat the iPhone 12 in photography.

The iPhone 13 will also take a feature from the Apple Watch: its always-on display. This means when the phone is off, there will be a small section of the screen that shows the time, weather, texts, anything you want it to display, and with a black background so it doesn’t hurt your eyes at night.

The iPhone 13 will most likely be released in the second half of 2021, and it might be similarly priced to the iPhone 12, which was about $700 for the iPhone 12 Mini and $1100 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. “I know all of these are just rumors, but they seem really cool,” says Quinton Turpin, a sophomore at Lakewood High School.