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On 117th, there is a handful of fast-food restaurants. This includes McDonald’s, Arby’s, Rallys, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts and Burger King. There are healthier options at all fast-food restaurants but there are the typical unhealthy foods that are cheaper and tastier. This brings up the issue of convenience compared to nutrition.

You can conveniently go to McDonald’s and get a $1 cheeseburger and go about your day, but this burger might not be the best for you. They don’t give you the nutritional values for any of the foods; all they give you is the calorie count which doesn’t really help with anything. Instead, people are buying these foods for convenience.

You can get foods in Lakewood that are convenient and a bit more healthy, like maybe opting for a salad or getting the grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. There are small changes you can make to try and eat healthier for convenience. Or there are even vegan options and meatless, like beyond sausage breakfast sandwiches or beyond meat patties for burgers.

Fast food doesn’t always have to be the only convenient food, you can also order from restaurants and pick it up for convenience, but it is a little more expensive. There are plenty of options for food in Lakewood that are convenient and budget-friendly.

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