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    The Election You Probably Don’t Know About


    With election season in full swing the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are dominating headlines all over the country. For young and new voters, this is probably the only race that they’re focused on. Besides the presidential race, there is an election that deserves just as much attention, an election that you probably don’t know about: Ohio’s U.S. Senate Race between challenger Ted Strickland and incumbent Rob Portman. Here’s a guide on what you need to know before you cast your vote.

    Rob Portman currently holds the seat being challenged by Strickland. Portman is a Republican who was born in Cincinnati in 1955 and has held various jobs in politics. For eight years from 1993 to 2005 Portman was Ohio’s 2nd district representative in the U.S. Congress. For a year after Portman served as the U.S. Trade Representative to China under George W. Bush as well as directing Bush’s Office of Management and Budget. Finally in 2010 he was elected to the U.S. Senate seat previously held by George Voinovich.

    Ted Strickland is the challenger to Portman’s senate seat. Strickland is a Democrat who was born in Lucasville, Ohio in 1941 and has been long involved in Ohio politics. Strickland first served as the U.S. Representative from Ohio’s 6th district from 1993 to 1995 and from 1997 to 2007. In 2006 he ran for Governor of Ohio and won against Republican Ken Blackwell. In 2010 he lost his re-election bid to current Republican Governor John Kasich.

    Through his time in the House and Senate, Portman has had a very conservative voting record and taken strong conservative stances. On abortion, Portman voted several times to prohibit federal funding of abortions as well as ban partial-birth abortion and overseas abortion funding. On the economy Portman supports lower taxes and tax breaks for American corporations as well as a balanced budget along with increased defense spending.

    Prior to his son coming out of gay Portman has voted several times in favor of banning same-sex marriage but has since changed after his son came out. Portman has been a champion of free trade going back to his time under President George W. Bush and has voted several times in favor of free trade agreements including NAFTA and CAFTA.

    On guns Portman is a passionate supporter of the 2nd Amendment and has voted against banning high capacity gun magazines. On health care Portman has been critical of ObamaCare calling for it to be repealed and replaced. On homeland security and the military Portman has voted for several defense budget increases and voted for authorizing the war in Iraq. On immigration Portman supports amnesty for illegal immigrants as well as increased border security along the southern border.

    Throughout his career, Strickland has held fairly liberal views. Strickland has been inconsistent on abortion, claiming he’s a champion of the pro-choice movement while in Congress he voted multiple times to ban partial-birth abortions. On the economy Strickland supports raising taxes and cutting tax breaks for American corporations.

    On civil rights Strickland voted against the USA PATRIOT Act and voted no on protecting the pledge of allegiance but is a strong supporter of same-sex marriage. On energy Strickland supports moving away from oil and has voted against oil drilling and development multiple times. Ted Strickland has voted against numerous free trade agreements including CAFTA. Despite being a Democrat, Strickland has an A rating by the NRA and is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Strickland has even voted against a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons.

    On health care Strickland supports universal health care and has supported increased funding for National Institutes of Health. On homeland security and the military Strickland has supported increased intelligence efforts and voted against the war in Iraq. On immigration Strickland has supported open borders as well as amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    Both Portman and Strickland have held numerous jobs in politics. Both Portman and Strickland claim that they’re the best choice for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat.

    Who is the best choice for senate?

    That’s up to the voters, so if you plan on voting this November, it’s good to know about the candidates and where they stand on the issues.

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