Drake Belle’s Visit To LHS

Drake Belles Visit To LHS

Brandon Gue

Remember sitting on the couch as a kid and flipping on the TV? Remember Nickelodeon, and most importantly, the famed tv show Drake and Josh? Thursday, October 13, Drake and Josh‘s Drake Belle performed at Lakewood High School, accompanying several other small name artists.

There is school rumor that Belle was only on this tour due to a DUI charge’s community service. Drake Bell delivered a solid, well energized performance. However, post-concert, Drake goes back to his tour bus to go on twitter and talk down upon Cleveland.

Tweeted then untweeted, he insults Cleveland on the basis that it’s boring here. What’s to bash about Cleveland when we are one of the top tourist cities in the country? It’s a shame to see Drake Bell speaking rudely and ignorantly about a city like Cleveland, but hey. There’s always Josh Peck.