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    The Girl on the Train


    Over the weekend, I saw a new movie that I’d definitely recommend. It was called The Girl On The Train. Although it was very long and confusing at times, it was overall a great movie.

    It was full of new details and plot twist every few minutes. It was very suspenseful with a little hit of comedy if you ask me.  It is rated R but I wouldn’t advise going to see this with a parent.

    The movie overall got a 6.7/10 from IMBD reviews. Most people didn’t like the movie because it was simple a lot of information being thrown at different times.

    Trying to give a brief summary would probably include a spoiler but I’ll do my best to not include too much information.

    The main character, Rachel Watson, who is an alcoholic, rides train from a small town outside of New York city, into the city. Every day she passes her ex-husband’s house. He is now married and has a child which only makes Rachel drink more. One day while on the train she see’s something strange unfold in someone backyard. After telling authorities what she witnessed, she finds out a women went missing, Megan.

    Although Rachel had nothing to do with the disappearance, she becomes a suspect and decides to conduct her own investigation. Her first step though, is to stop drinking so she can recover all her memories and  put all the pieces together.

    The end has the best plot twist I’ve seen in a movie and if you want to know what happens, I’d suggest to go see it soon!

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