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    Trump Supporters Call for the Repeal of the 19th Amendment





    Be it “repeal Obamacare” or “repeal the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” the suggestion has permeated the Trump campaign since even its nascent days. In the past week however this rallying cry comes not from Mr. Trump himself, but rather the men who support him.

    On October 11th, Nate Silver, a veritable celebrity of the polling and election data world, published on his website a theoretical electorate map of what the 2016 election would look like if only women were allowed to vote in the United States. Not surprisingly, given that in numerous polls across the nation Hillary Clinton is up by ten points in popularity with American women, this map showed (pictured above) an overwhelmingly blue United States.

    Silver included as well a complementary graphic outlining the election results if –as was the case not even one hundred years ago yet– only men were allowed to vote. In stark contrast, the historically more conservative male electorate would have provided a landslide victory for Trump.

    Nearly instantaneously, male Trump supporters across all platforms of the Internet propelled the rather alarming #RepealThe19th hashtag into a notable popularity.

    The rationale behind this unmitigably sexist, though thankfully unfeasible proposal? Securing Donald Trump’s presidency at all costs.

    The mere suggestion of this by Trump supporters has alarmed men and women across the nation alike with its distinct air of a type of misogyny that many had assumed to have become arcane by this point.

    This slew of rabid, 1850’s era political fantasies included tweets with sentiments is perhaps best summed up by Twitter user, Michael Maier’s tweet on Tuesday stating that we should “Give out nice enough handbags,” and as a result “most broads would gladly trade their voting rights for one. #repealthe19th.”

    Note Mr. Maier’s use of the word “broads” when referring to women.

    The alarming responses to the hashtag movement though are undoubtedly those made by women in support of  repealing the 19th Amendment if meant that Trump would win, seemingly forgetting that instead of foregoing their right to vote, they could just vote for the Republican nominee.

    At this time Trump has yet to comment of the actions of his supporters in days past, but I would imagine in wake of Trump’s controversy surrounding his 2005 statements on how he treats women, coupled now with this, we can expect Clinton’s popularity among  women will soon increase even more.


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