Mrs. Lynn Patton

Mrs. Lynn Patton

David Adkins Jr

Our person of the week is  Family & Consumer Science teacher, Mrs.  Lynn Patton.

D.A. – What are three interesting facts about you?

L.P. – “I am from Wisconsin,  I have three children,  and I’m sad that the Packers lost last week.”

D.A. – How do you prepare your classroom for the first day of school?

L.P. – “Since I am a cooking teacher, I have to make sure every cooking utensil is clean and nice and ready to go for the start of the year. Also I try to make sure everything is neatly organized for my new classroom because I switched across the hallway.”

D.A. – Are you a flexible teacher?

L.P.-  ” Yes I am. I believe everyone should be somewhat flexible because you never know the curtain circumstances a student may go through. I try to be a flexible as I can towards students by allowing extra cooking time in class, and by assigning take home finals, where you would cook a meal and take picture of it to show the class.”

D.A. –  What’s the most difficult aspect of teaching?

L.P.-  ” The most difficult part would be the paperwork for the state. Also another difficult aspect of teaching is actually getting the students involved and trying to find a fun and interesting ways to get them to learn.”

D.A. – In what ways do you evaluate your students for finals or midterms?

L.P. –  ” In some ways, I grade my students normally by a paper test or by a project. The paper test will be on everything we learned the semester or the year. The projects will usually be take-home cooking projects that include following the recipe and taking a picture and bringing it in.”