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    God of Hurricanes by Louise Figueiredo

    God of Hurricanes

    He controls the weather of earth. He can make a hurricane happen without humans expecting it. He created tornados out of nowhere. He goes by the name of Adonis. He lives on the top hill next to the god of the light, Apollo. Adonis can see everything that goes on in his town to everything that goes on down on Earth. Once he sees something he doesn’t appreciate, that could cause trouble on Earth and the village.

    Adonis spent most of his days in his house relaxing without much worry. He loved looking out the window, almost like spying on others to see what was going on. He mainly watched humans and often laughed at them because of the way they did things. But one afternoon he was gazing out into the village and noticed this girl. She was very beautiful. She has leaves throughout her hair, with golden sandals, and the purest of white toga. Adonis immediately fell desperately in love.

    That evening he found out that the girl he noticed was the Goddess of Earth. She went by the name of Astra. Adonis called Astra and they began to talk every night. After a few weeks, Astra stopped answering the calls. Adonis made the courageous decision to meet with Astra. He walked over to her house and knocked on the door. A person all in white with a red cross on her shoulder opened the door. Adonis was startled at first because he was expecting Astra. He asked to see Adonis but the nurse wouldn’t let him. But after a few minutes of pleading, the nurse let Adonis into the house.

    He entered Astra’s room. He found her laying on her bed covered with many blankets. She was very pale and looked close to death. Adonis asked, “ Astra, what is wrong?”

    Astra replied with a cough and then said “They human beings are killing my body. They are cutting down trees, polluting the air with oil, the factories are producing toxins into the air. These actions make me sick and if they keep happening. I will no longer be alive.”

    Adonis knew he could not live without Astra. He vowed to teach those humans a lesson.

    That very night, he created one of the biggest hurricanes ever to be created. He made sure that the hurricane would destroy all the factories, the toxins, and anything that pollutes the environment.

         At exactly 1:23pm, the largest hurricane to ever happen reached Earth. There were floods, buildings in crumble, no power, lives lost. The people had a difficult time recovering from this disaster. After almost three years, the cities were able to fix what was broken. People began to record which things were destroyed and what things remained. Almost all oil companies and factories, along with big corporations diminished to the ground. While trees remained standing and flowers blooming. People soon realized that this hurricane was a warning sign for people to stop ruining the earth. After the hurricane people started taking care of the Earth.

    Adonis was proud of what he did. Astra’a health was restored back to normal and  the Earth was back to it’s natural beauty. Adonis ended up marrying Astra and for now on whenever the humans started to forget the lesson of cleaning the Earth, a small thunderstorm would rain down.

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