Featured Athlete: Kamar Alkhdour

Featured Athlete: Kamar Alkhdour

Elizabeth Scott

Winter sports are just around the corner and Kamar Alkhdour is very excited for gymnastics to start! Kamar and I discussed her favorite things about this sport and a little bit about herself as well.

Here are the questions I asked her and her responses:

Q: How many years have you participated in Gymnastics?

A: “I’ve thought about doing gymnastics all 4 years of high school but freshman year I was nervous about joining. My first year of gymnastics was my sophomore year and I’m going to participate in my second year as a Junior.”

Q: What is most enjoyable about Gymnastics?

A: “The most enjoyable thing about gymnastics is making new friends and learning new things. Starting off in gymnastics, I was pretty nervous. I wasn’t sure how to do anything but within a week, I already had a routine together. I met amazing people who I’m happy to now call friends and seen people perform beautifully.”

Q: Is there anything that you can take away from your team?

A: “I learned a lot of different things. Before gymnastics I didn’t realize how much balance I have, and that gave me an advantage for me participating on the beam. I’ve practiced my splits that I haven’t done since I was five years old. To this day I still practice them because this upcoming season has me very excited and motivated to be the best I can be.”

Q: Do you plan on participating in Gymnastics your Senior year?

A: “I’m definitely participating in gymnastics senior year. My past experiences are amazing and I want to continue to make good memories with my teammates with all the time we have left.”

Q: Do you feel like you’ve gotten close with your team from previous seasons?

A: “Definitely. I was really nervous because I’m a shy person but my teammates were amazing and I’m happy to be able to call them family.”

Q: Do you do any sport other than Gymnastics?

A: “Along with gymnastics, I do track and field. Track and Field is a big part of my life. I’ve been participating in it since 7th grade and plan on doing it until my senior year. I honestly cannot chose which sport I enjoy more. They’re both amazing and they make me happy because of all the competition and excitement it brings; along with friends that turned into family and coaches who motivate me and the team to do better.”