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    Aaron Lorkowski

    Aaron Lorkowski

    Our person of the week for LHS is senior, Aaron Lorkowski.

    Q. What is your favorite part of senior year so far?

    A. “My favorite part of senior year so far has been the football games. I really enjoyed being able to paint and show off support for the football team. Football games get a lot better when you become a senior, you’re more involved.”

    Q. What classes do you recommend for underclassmen and incoming freshman?

    A. “I would recommend taking a lot of electives. Lakewood has a lot of different types so it gives you a lot of choices for your interests. Electives also help you to get more credits. I also recommend taking apart in the west shore programs.”

    Q. How do you feel about Lakewood High School?

    A. “I really like LHS. I think its very diverse and everyone including the staff is very accepting.”

    Q. What are your plans after high school?

    A.”I plan on going to Tri-C  for two years for core classes and to get my associates degree then transferring to a bigger university.”

    Q. Do you have any advice for the incoming freshman?

    A. “During your freshman year, give your full effort into every class no matter what. Do not slack your freshman year because it reflects on the rest of your high school career.”

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