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    Why Clinton Being Trumped is so Bad


    Hillary Clinton should have been President of the United States- or virtually anyone but Donald Trump.

    Many people choose to ignore the fact that he bullies, harasses women, and is racist as well as sexist, but that’s not going to take away from the fact that it’s true. Trump is a man who brags about being able to sleep with women whenever he wants and about being able to grab their vaginas without their consent. This is a man who hates Muslims, despite their peaceful religion. (ISIS may claim to be a religious organization, but they are extremists, just as Christians were during the Crusades a few hundred years ago.) He doesn’t understand what it’s like to live as a middle- or lower-class citizen, seeing as he’s been rich his whole life. He doesn’t understand the rights that we as American citizens need.

    In addition, Donald Trump wants to completely reverse our society and our accomplishments. With a Republican-filled Congress and a new Supreme Court Justice that will likely be conservative, many rights-threatening laws have a very high chance of being passed, such as making abortion and same-sex marriage illegal. These may be controversial topics, but women will perform abortions on themselves with clothes hanger if it’s made illegal. And if they don’t, women who are raped will be forced to have the babies of their rapists, and, if the baby has a chance of killing a mother during birth, she will not have the choice of saving her life. Additionally, if same-sex marriage is illegal, people who love each other will not be able to get married, people who did not choose to be gay or bi or anything but straight, but were born that way.

    Not to mention he slogan: “Make America Great Again.” Again. When was it better than it is now? When Jews were being persecuted? When Asians were forced into camps? When blacks were slaves or segregated? When women couldn’t vote? No matter what the time period, some group was being poorly treated. America has never been greater than it is now, despite all its faults.

    So it’s true that it’s too late now to prevent him from entering the White House: come January 20th, he will become our next president. This just means that we, as the citizens of the United States, must stand together more than ever for our rights and what we believe in.

    We cannot go backwards in this country as Donald Trump wishes. The only direction for us is forward.

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