Satisfaction (Not) Guaranteed

Satisfaction (Not) Guaranteed

Eman Naserallah

Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States. That’s nothing new. Some people aren’t too happy with that. That’s also nothing new. However, some people, clearly the ones that voted for him, are satisfied.

Switching gears out of politics, how about school rules? The dress code was primarily lifted this year, and the majority of the students didn’t have an issue. But then, teachers had their say, and from what is heard, they don’t appreciate the change.

Two different situations, and two different reactions. In politics, in school rules, or just in any other scenario, either people are satisfied or unsatisfied. There can be an in-between, but they usually lean to one side or the other.

Satisfaction is hard to come across these days. There’s always a problem with something. Clearly democrats, and others, were not too happy for Trump’s win. Protests and petitions have been going on and were created against Donald Trump. During the Indian’s major loss against the Cubs, fans of the Indians were not happy either. Unfortunately, the fans didn’t have the chance to celebrate a win. Let’s not forget about the (amazing) win for the Cavs against the Warriors this past June. Fans for the Cavs got to enjoy their win with the city holding a huge victory parade, while the Warriors walked away with the L.

It doesn’t matter which side you’re on, there will always be someone against you playing the Devil’s advocate. A person can express their opinions and views as long as they want, but someone else will always be there to shut them down. Satisfaction for some will result in pride and joy. Dissatisfaction will lead to said pride being hurt, which will then lead to problems. Problems then lead to more problems. It’s a never ending cycle of dissatisfaction or satisfaction.

No one will ever be satisfied.