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    IUDs Are A Sudden Google Hot Topic
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    Since the election, there has been outrage and fear spreading all over the country due to Donald Trump clenching the victory against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. One of the main groups concerned are LGBT worrying about the loss of marriage equality, people of color fearing growing racial tension, immigrants and numerous other groups fearing deportation, and women fearing a further reduction in the availability of contraception.


    The final part has raised a rise of worry for women. A Google Trend shows there is a 100% spike in how many people in the United States have been searching about IUDs. IUDs are a form of contraception that can be inserted and is the most full-proof form of contraception. It have less than a 1% fail rate.

    This spike came days after Trump’s victory being announced, showing that many women were sent into a panic of losing their fought for rights that they have been slowly losing in a trend over the past decades. It seems they fear for the worst to come from the next 4 or even 8 years, for many IUDs can last as long as 12 years.


    Women fearing the loss of contraception due to trump and Pence’s pro-life platform contribute to the spike, as they fear the chance of losing the access to plan b, birth control, and abortions. Women are getting ready for a long run of having no access to the services given to them from places such as Planned Parenthood.


    The panic is part of the tenseness in the country over the past couple of days. Time will only tell if Trump and Pence—and their Republication Congress majority—can actually do it.

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