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    *NSYNC VS. Backstreet Boys: Who do students prefer more?


    Ok, these 2 boy bands are arguably the best boy bands of all time. But in the end, only one can come out on top.

    The Backstreet Boys formed in 1993 and are still going on, 23 years later and still going on with the same number of members and same people. (Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean, and Howie D)

    *NSYNC was formed in 1995 by the same manager who formed the Backstreet Boys. The members were Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick.

    Sadly in 2002, the group broke up with Justin wanting to go solo and the other members respecting his choice and moving on to do their own thing. They still a large fan base following. Many people, including me, stil anticipate for a reunion album and tour soon.

    So I’ve asked a group of around 50 students over a 3-day period who do they prefer: *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? For me, it’s *NSYNC all the way. (I have 8 CD’s from them)

    On my first full day of interviewing people, most of the people prefer Backstreet Boys with only a few people voting for *NSYNC.

    But on my second full day of interviewing people, *NSYNC started to make a comeback with most students voting for *NSYNC rather than Backstreet Boys. It’s like *NSYNC didn’t want to go down without a fight.

    On my third day of interviewing people, *NSYNC still had it’s lead in terms of people voting and overtook Backstreet Boys

    So after I tallied up all the votes, it was a close call but I have concluded that most students prefer *NSYNC over Backstreet Boys.

    But in reality, they’re both equal and deserve the same amount of appreciation from everyone.

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