Sports: Ohio State Back To The Top!

Sports: Ohio State Back To The Top!

Jon Patrick

Ohio State started the season as a top team and was supposed to cruise to the final four. They blew through the first 6 games winning them with intimidating fashion. Then everything changed when Penn State Nittany Lions attacked.

The game was close all the way up to the 4th quarter. In the 4th Penn State blocked an Ohio State field goal attempt and took it back for a touchdown. The Penn State crowd erupted as the Penn State defender crosses the goal line. Ohio state fans were devastated as the clock hit zero and Penn State fans flooded the field.

Going into the game against Penn State Ohio State was ranked number 2 after the game they bumped down to number 6 in the country.  The Buckeyes followed up the loss with a close game victory against the NorthWestern Wildcats .

That win bumped them up to 5th place in the standings and with the help of the top teams Washington Clemson and Michigan all losing a game helped bump Ohio State back up to 2nd place in the standings as they look to get in the championship game behind the Alabama Crimson Tide who are undefeated and have been crushing their opposition with dazzling fashion.

After the loss the Buckeyes have been undefeated and the have a big game coming up against the Michigan Wolverines which is a must win to get to the big game.