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    The Importance of Slowing Down


    For both seniors and underclassmen, the weeks leading up to winter break are often filled with a whirlwind of exams, concerts, sports banquets, crazy hours at after-school jobs, and many other things that pull us in hundreds of different directions and undeniably stress us out. It’s easy for all of us to say “I can’t wait for this year to be over” and “I can’t wait to graduate,” but after attending a recent senior assembly about graduation and buying our graduation caps and gowns, I’ve realized that this short chapter of our lives passes extremely quickly — and there’s no going back.

    In the midst of college application season, hearing all of our friends’ plans about what they’re pursuing after high school is exciting, but we spend too much of our time focusing on our futures and not enough time living in the present. Senior year is a year of lasts. In just one year, you will experience that last time you will ever step on the field with your teammates and the last time you will ever stand on stage with some of your closest friends. You will go to your last homecoming dance and varsity football game, and you will walk out of the building that has been like a second home for the past four years knowing that you will never step inside and go to class again. It’s a daunting realization, but it’s a necessary one.

    Next time you start wishing time away, no matter what grade you’re in, think about all of the opportunities Lakewood High has given you. Make the most of the time you have left, because it will go by faster than you think.

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