Football Playoff Shockers

Football Playoff Shockers

Tyler Fox

The OHSAA Football Playoffs are underway, and this year things have been turned upside down. In the Division II Region 6 bracket, two of the first round games shocked the state. The Undefeated Avon Eagles were a shoe in to beat the 7-3 Avon Lake Shoremen, and the 9-1 Midview Middies the same against the 7-3 Olmsted Falls Bulldogs, then the games were played, and the tides had turned.

The Shoremen pulled off a 27-26 upset win againt the Eagles, scoring the final touchdown with 1:11 left in the 3rd quarter, holding the Eagles out all through the 4th. This win advanced the Shoremen to the second round, where they lost to the Anthony Wayne Generals, 6-14.

However the Olmsted Falls Bulldogs have trucked their way to the Third Round of the Division II Region 6 Playoffs. They have achieved this by first beating the Midview Middies in the first round of the playoffs with a touchdown late in the game, having only 5:12 left on the clock. They allowed the Middies to secure one more touchdown, but none after that, claiming the win and the upset.

As they advanced to the second round they faced the Westlake Demons, shutting them down 49-21, and securing a spot in the third round of the playoffs, with their upcoming game against the victor against the Shoremen, the Anthony Wayne Generals. Hopefully they can make a comeback for the Southwest Conference and beat the Generals, giving them a spot in the semifinals. Best of luck to the Bulldogs rolling their way into the state finals, hoping to bring a state title to the SWC!