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    Coca-Cola VS. Pepsi: Which one is better?

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    Ok, the battle between these 2 sodas is just TOO BIG to ignore anymore. They been at each other for the longest time and now it’s time to end it.

    For me, I like both of them. They’re both nice to drink but my favorite soda to drink is: Sprite. I could drink it all day long but nothing will ever beat a nice glass of iced water.

    So a group of around 50 students took part in a survey to voice their opinion on what soda do they like more: Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

    Over the course of a full-school week, minus Friday for me since I went to Tri-C Metro to meet Tom Hanks for a Drama Class field trip, I have found out that many people REALLY voiced their opinion this time around.

    After tallying up all the votes, I have concluded that most students have preferred Coca-Cola over Pepsi by quite a few votes which isn’t surprising since Coca-Cola is MORE popular than Pepsi.

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