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    Stress on Students


    With Thanksgiving Break behind us and the holidays quickly approaching, the students at Lakewood High School have come to expect that before these days off come a week of stress, projects, and exams. Over the course of these few days, it becomes especially apparent that students are expected to do too much work outside of the classroom.

    The typical high schooler has a seven hour school day, filled not only with classes that are a part of their core curriculum requirements, but also with elective classes that are catered to their individual interests. This long day in school is followed by a combination of sports practices, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and more.  Adding in time to do excessive amounts of homework and projects while also getting the recommended number of hours of sleep and having a healthy social life is practically impossible — there just are not enough hours in the day.

    The amount of work a teenager has to do each day could be negatively impacting their mental and physical health. So many teens are feeling the pressure to get good grades in order to be able to go to a good school and get a good job — so much so that they may stay up extremely late to be able to finish all of their homework. It has been scientifically proven that teenagers need between eight and nine hours of sleep each night in order to be able to fully function the next day.

    If teachers would give less homework and had more work to do in class, this problem could be greatly reduced. Though it is practically impossible to eliminate homework all together, there are ways that the amount of time spent on work outside of the classroom could be greatly reduced.


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