Andy Garcia


Eman Naserallah

Andy Garcia is a Lakewood High School junior athlete. I had the opportunity of asking this rising star some questions.

Q: What LHS sports do you play and what positions do you play?

A: I play football and basketball. In basketball I am the power forward and in football I am the tight end and outside linebacker.

Q: What numbers do you wear in the sports?

A: In basketball, since the season didn’t start yet, I don’t know but I want 21. In football I do wear 86.

Q: What age did you start playing both sports?

A: In the fifth grade, I started playing basketball and football.

Q: Which sport do you like to play better?

A: I think I like basketball better, only because I have been playing it longer (for fun) and my dad plays it so I’ve been surrounded by it my entire life.

Q: Would you go to college for either sport and what are you looking for in a college?

A: I want to go to college to play basketball, and I am definitely looking at D2 colleges.

Q: Who are your favorite athletes in football and basketball?

A: In football, I guess I could say Joe Haden [author’s note: who plays for the Cleveland Browns]. In basketball, definitely LeBron James [author”s note: he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers].

Q: Do you have any final advice for any incoming young athletes?

A: Appreciate the time that you have because it goes by faster than you think.”