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    The New Building



    It’s finally here! Our newest addition to Lakewood High School, The C Building. Everyone has a different opinion on the C building and not all of them are positive. To me not all of the C building is amazing but a lot of it is nice. The entrance hallway is a little tight and gets crowed just about every period of the day, just about everyone I talk to has said this as well. The best thing in my opinion about the new building is that we do not have to walk across the street to the mods, this way we do not have to worry about getting soaked by the rain or slipping on ice in the winter. Sadly, This also means we will be stuck in a building for 8 hours and closest we can get to outside is opening a window. Also, the new building has a beautiful staircase but the only down side I have heard from people about is that the stairs are very narrow and it is hot in the staircase. One of the most popular aspects of the new building is that not only are there water fountains but there is a separate water fountain that fills up your water bottle for you and many people found this to be the best thing about the new building.

    Over all, I think the new building is a great addition. Myself and many others are looking forward to the other part of the high school to be done and hopefully that is soon.

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