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    “Cars” by Elan Dimacchia

    “You what!” mom said.

    “I’m sorry! Who are they? What type of name is Def Leppard?”

    Only seconds later was the bang. Debris everywhere, tires rolling into the intersection, various pieces of metal flying into the air. I couldn’t stop screaming, and my mom panicking called the police.

    “Yes, Hi. There was just an accident on I-90 near Toledo…yes ma’am. Yes right in between…Ok thank you.”

    I have never seen her that calm on the phone. Her tone changed so fast. She turned to me and asked if I was ok. By that point I had stopped screaming. I just looked around me, and everything was stopped. No cars were moving. No leaves were tumbling around. No wind in the trees. The only person who was outside of a car was my mom. She‘s a doctor, so naturally she went to go help the people in their cars. She was making sure everyone was still alive, and doing what she could do to help them. She was asking them questions as if they weren’t unconscious.

    Something seemed a little too familiar. As soon as the police showed up, it hit me harder than those two cars hit each other. I’ve had this dream; this has happened before.

    “Hello Miss. Are you ok?” asked the nice, handsome, strong police officer. But I wasn’t the one hurt, just in shock. I pointed over to the bloody accident, with my mom trying to put organs back into the victim’s…disgusting. I jump up, and suddenly instead of being ten, I’m twenty-two. Apparently I am in medical school. I run over to where my mom is, and start digging in. I ask how the patient is feeling, although they aren’t able to talk much. My  mom, the officer and I are sewing up people hand in hand and moving pieces of the car off of them. I can hear the ambulance coming down the stretch of highway it skids and stops right next to us. We begin to load bodies into the car and it zooms off to the hospital. While the police are fixing up the scene, my mom and I get a police escort from Officer Hottie to the hospital.

    “Oh my gosh.” I walked up to my mother slowly.

    “Abby what?” she seemed irritated,I didn’t care, I kept talking.

    “I..I don’t know what that was? This has happened-”

    “Abby come on! I’m trying to do something right now, it’s important?” She snapped at me.

    I kept on talking about my feeling, it was so odd, something I had never even heard of before. I was sitting on the side of the highway, playing with the grass, trying to think. I asked myself some questions: “Am I psychic?” “Am I god?” “Am I a superhero?” Each of the answers came back as no.

    I couldn’t stop thinking about what that was called. What was I feeling? How is it possible that I have felt this before, that I have seen all of this before?

    As soon as we got home from the hospital, approximately five hours later, I ran upstairs and jumped on my computer. I typed out exactly how I was feeling a few hours before “What is it called when I have felt something before? I had seen something before in a dream and now I saw it in real life. HELP!”. After looking at a couple websites I figured it out.


    Deja Vu.

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