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    “Deja Vu” by Victoria Gregg

    July 17th, just a normal day at the beach. It was a lovely day, 80 degrees with a breeze. I sat on the beach with my mom and  best friend Sidney. We watched my sister play in the water with some other little kids. Sidney and I decided to go into the water for a little. It was cold but refreshing, We swam out pretty far to ride the waves back. As we began to make our way back I hear a horn pierce the air. My heart drops and again I hear the awful sound penetrate through my ears. I freeze; my mind goes blank. I can’t feel anything; I hear muffled voices screaming all around me.

    Suddenly my vision goes blurry and I no longer see Sidney or the beach. Instead I see a young girl, in the water, she looks similar to a younger me. She’s all alone in the water, screaming for help and thrashing about the water. I can see people watching in fear from the beach. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow behind the young girl. I feel someone grab my arm and start to drag me; that’s when I switch back to reality.

    Just like what I saw in my vision, there are people watching us from the beach. That’s when I realize that we are the last people in the water, other than a little boy about 20 feet away from us. I hear Sidney yelling at me to swim, but I can’t move. I’m still mesmerized by what I’m seeing. It’s like history is repeating itself. I can’t seem to comprehend exactly what’s happening until I see a shadow start to approach the little boy. I hear a lifeguard start to yell into his megaphone. Before I can react my vision starts to go blurry again.

    Once more I’m back to watching the little girl. Everything seems to be slowed down. The more I look at her the more she looks like me. Very small, curly blonde hair, she even has a similar yellow bathing suit as I did. I see the shadow close in on her. I try to scream but nothing comes out. I see a boy on the beach around the age of 17 start to run towards the little girl. He’s yelling something but I can’t make it out. As he splashes into the water, I’m suddenly back looking at Sidney.

    She has a worried look on her face. Everything around us is hectic. Sidney is still trying to pull me to shore but I won’t budge. I see my mom and sister on the beach calling for me. I look around for the little boy but I don’t see him. I see small splashes in the water, The shadow has pulled the little boy under. My heart is pounding. I suddenly feel my legs kicking and my arms stroking the water. By the time I realize what I’m actually doing, I’m only 5 feet away from the attack, At that point I see a dorsal fin and sharp teeth. It’s a shark. I stop dead where I am, and my sight starts to get fuzzy.

    I see the 17 year old boy start to swim towards the girl. I then realize I’m seeing the same thing, a shark attack. I can tell the boy is scared, I want to help but I can’t seem to move. The little girl is screaming in excruciating pain, I can feel it. I see the girl get pulled under by the shark; before I can react I feel something grab my leg and I’m pulled back to reality.

    I’m being dragged by something. I try to scream but when I open my mouth water rushes in like a storm. My lungs are burning, I feel my leg being crushed. I find the strength to open my eyes, I’m face to face with the shark. My whole body feels helpless and weak. I hear emptiness. I feel someone, or maybe something grab me. The pressure on my leg is gone, but i’m still in agonizing pain. I feel myself drifting away. I’m going into a dream like state, the vision is back.

    It’s quiet here. My vision is a little blurry, but I see a crowd of people on the beach. I see the little girl laying on the beach. This time I can move. I walk up to her. As I get a closer look I see the boy who saved her is laying next to her. He’s bleeding a lot, but I can’t tell from where. The girl has a huge bite mark in her leg. I kneel down to look at her face. I push back her hair and gasp. How could I forget, it’s me, I am the little girl. I completely forgot. I barely remember anything from that day. I see my mom and another women run towards us. I hear the lady calling out the boy’s name,

    “Dylan! Dylan! Oh my poor Dylan!”

    Dylan. Now I remember. Before I can say anything I’m back to present day.

    I feel something cold and hard underneath me. I’m no longer in the water, I’m on the beach. I hear muffled voices but I can’t see anything. I crack open my eyes to see my mom standing over me crying. My leg is still in pain. I hear a faint voice in the crowd,

    “Dylan! Where’s Dylan?”

    I look to my left to see the little boy who was being attacked. He’s bleeding everywhere. He’s Dylan. He pulled me out when I tried to help him. It’s like history has repeated itself. I’m so confused; why was I seeing visions of my past. My head is pounding and my eyes are heavy. Before I black out, I realize what was happening. Deja vu.


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