Forage Public House

Luke Healy

Out of the many restaurants in Lakewood, Forage adds a whole new aspect to eating out.  For starters , every item on the menu shows where it came from.  There is no other restaurant in the city that shows this fun information.  In a way it helps people know that their food is all natural. At forage they serve a variety of items that most restraints would never put on their menu. Some of this dishes include Duck Fat Chicken Wings Confit, Rabbit Loin, and a Dinosaur Kale Salad. They also have a selection of vegetarian and vegan meals. Forage is brave For putting out different dishes than what the typical Lakewood citizen might encounter.

Forage strives to use only sustainable farms to get all of their menu items. On their website they claim to be a gastropub which means a bar that sells very high quality food. With that said it might not be a place you visit weekly but if you are taking your family or significant other out it would be a perfect but a little pricey night out.