Person of the Week: Ms. Diamond

Person of the Week: Ms. Diamond

Eman Naserallah

Having trouble with your schedule? Do you need to set up an appointment with your counselor? Do you even know how to set up an appointment with your counselor? Seniors, are the deadlines for applications coming up and you need to get your transcripts in? Do you know how to send transcripts? Worry no more, all your questions will be answered when you stop in at guidance and Ms. Diamond greets you!

Sometimes, people walk past her and go straight to their counselor’s office. You ever notice the large desk sitting right in the doorway right when you walk into the guidance office? That desk belongs to Ms. Diamond. Since she does so much for us Lakewood High students, why not take some time and actually get to know her?

This is actually her 16th year at Lakewood, but her 13th year in guidance. The funny part? Her degree actually has nothing to do with her job. So why is she doing it? Because, she says, “I love my job and I love the high school.” Originally, she went away to California to gain her degree. However, since she’s from Ohio–Solon– she thought to come back. She only spent five years in California.

She says she loves her job because she loves the hustle and bustle of class changes, she likes high school students, and she loves all the opportunities and activities for students at a high school. So, whats her advice to all of you?

“Work hard, do your best, and don’t be afraid to ask for help,” she says.

So next time you need guidance, ask her how her day is going, then come around to your question. It’s only polite since she’s doing so much for us!