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    “The Artist” by Anthony Gallagher

    The Artist

    There is a room where nought but a single ray of moonlight pierces through the dark veil of the night through the dusty window above a desk. At this desk sits a man adrift in the tumultuous sea of his mind. He frets day and night on what is and what should be. He stops, his head jolts up and looks out the window and his hand reaches for his pen. Suddenly the pen dances with ballerina like grace and cheetah like speed across the paper as words fill the once desolate space and just like that, he is no longer alone. He is no longer here; he is in another world. The world grows and grows as each hour ticks by until it stops and the man is back in that dark, damp, and dreadfully dreary room he calls an apartment. In agony he cries out, he can no longer expand the world he once was a part of. Sobbing ripping out page after page of the world he created tossing it aside into the ever growing pile of lost worlds and people that could never be. On and on it went until the sun began to rise on him passed out his desk from another fruitless night of madness, another night in a story of a man lost to the world.

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