NSYNC: Reunion or no?…


Lauren Jones

So this news has almost lead to the apocalypse, NSYNC is reuniting for their unveiling of their Hollywood Walk of Fame star in December 2017.

Now, for the 99.99% of people who don’t know what the (bleep) I’m talking about. NSYNC was, and STILL IS, the GREATEST Boy Band of all time.

One Direction: You can go suck it because NSYNC has more feeling to their music than you could ever have.

Anyways, in 2002, NSYNC broke up because Justin Timberlake wanted to follow his passion for music.

And in the Summer 2016, Lance Bass: One of the members of NSYNC announced that they were getting their Hollywood Walk of Fame star in December 2017.

It wasn’t until recently when Lance Bass said something on Facebook/Twitter that really grabbed peoples’ attention. He said something that alluded to NSYNC reuniting completely after being apart for 15 years.

Soon after, Lance Bass went and cleared up the rumors but then Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC said that they have no idea when they will in 2017 or if they will but that doesn’t mean that they’ll never reunite.

I’m hoping they will because I want to see them in Cleveland when they come.

Do you guys think they’ll reunite at all if you even care about how I feel about them?