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    “The Knight” by Yanhao Lin

    I have been locked up in a room on the island for two years. They said I am the Crown Prince of Doxia family, but they locked me in a room. Although I regained my memories, I just want to be a normal traveler that sails on the free sea. I refuse to be their leader.

    I tried to escape from this room many times. I escaped outside the room once, but I cannot escape from this island. The old man that brought me here had told me that he will let me out of this room when I agree to be the leader.

    I was desperate, maybe I should be their leader for now and figure out a way to escape later. Then I heard a sound coming from the wall. I tried to find the direction where the sound was from. Then the wall broke and climbed out a dirty old man. He looked around, “What is this place?”

    “A room to lock people in.”

    He stared at me for a moment. Then he scratched his head, “Why I can’t just find the right place!” He walked toward the opening wall.

    “Hey, can you take me outside too?”

    He glanced at me, “ No, I can’t help you. I have to find some stuff.” He started walking toward the breaking wall again.

    “They locked me in this room for two years!”

    The dirty old man stopped his feet, “ Two years?” He came towards me, squint his eyes and sniffed at me, “Don’t tell me you are the young man they caught on the beach?”

    “Yes, you heard about me?”

    “Who cares about you?” He walked towards the wall again, then stopped again, “ you want to leave this island? I can help you, but you have to do something for me.”

    “What is it?”

    “Come with me.”

    I followed the old man outside. He looked around and sniffed. He walked near a tree, then he started digging with his hands. A door appeared on the ground; he pulled the door knob, and a set of stairs were guiding towards the deep ground.

    “Come, I will show you what I need.”

    Then I followed him. The stairs guided us to a dark tunnel. The tunnel then separates into many different tunnels. It was like a maze. I followed the old man. Then I saw a light ahead of us. The old man slowed down and turned around; he looked at me, “Listen, if you really are the son of the Lisa Queen…” He paused, “If you are really a member of the royal family, your cursed power will help you leave this land, but after you escape from this island you have to stay with me for two months.”

    The eager inside my brain was telling me to accept his request, so I said yes. The old man started walked again. We reached the place that was filled with light. The light came from a enormous crystal that was as tall as a two story building.

    “What is that crystal, it is so big.”

    The old man stared at the crystal for a moment, “Follow me.” He brought me to the front of a red clear stone, “ This is a blood stone. Only royal family members can break the seal of this blood stone.”

    “So you want to break the seal?”

    “Yes, the price to unseal is a drop of your blood.”

    I was thinking about giving up a drop of my blood to trade for my freedom, but I did not trust a strange man.

    “It is your choice to leave this island, or not.” He seemed to know my thoughts.

    I decided to believe him; I bit my finger and gave a drop of my blood to the red stone. The bloodstone lighted up; the crystal cracked and a light came from the stone, surrounded us. The dirty old man turned into a mid age handsome man; he looked tall and strong.

    “What is thi…”

    “I was a formal general of Doxia family, this seal was created long ago by the ancestors of the family, once the seal is broken, every loyal members of the Doxia Kingdom will turn to a younger age. The seal can only be used in an emergency situation.”

    “What do you mea…”

    “Let’s leave this island; I will explain to you later.”

    Then he walked into a place full of glowing stones; he took one of stone in his hand, “Let’s go, are you ready?”

    I was more than ready to leave this place or the “home” where I was born. Then he knocked on the glowing stone; some type of power from the stone sucked our bodies in, and brought us to the outside world…

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