iOS 10 Jailbreak

iOS 10 Jailbreak

Brandon Gue

For those unfamiliar with what it means to jailbreak your iOS device, it means the user is allowing themselves access to certain permissions that aren’t typically accessible on the device. This means you can gain the ability to do all of the things android device users can do, and then some, all while still on your iPhone or iPad. Jailbreaking is legal, however it isn’t recommended by Apple.

So Why jailbreak?

Well, for starters, jailbreaking is fun. Apple sets many strict boundaries in the iOS operating system. For example, you can’t disable many system services, you can’t hide apps from your home screen, you can’t move apps outside of their set grid, and more. Most people who jailbreak want to customize their iPhone and let it stand out from others in every way possible. While some people care how their phone looks or works, some also don’t care about the full function or look of their phones as they don’t use them often. 

As you can see by the screenshots above, simple aspects are changed in major ways to create an entirely new looking device. Jailbreak users can enjoy the perks of being able to customize the look and feel of every app, setting, and feature of iOS, as well as unlock hidden features like being able to get free in-app purchases, hack Snapchat to upload/save snaps, change system font, the app icon themes, and so much more.

Interested in jailbreaking your iPhone? Visit the links below for easy tutorials. Use caution and jailbreak at your own risk, as it edits system files that aren’t typically allowed access to.

iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak  Tutorial

iOS 10.2 Jailbreak  Tutorial