March Madness

March Madness

Joseph Lemmeier

It’s that time of year again and brackets are already getting busted. There is nothing better than sitting down and watching college basketball all day. It started on March 14th with the first four play-in games, and then on March 16th the real game began. The first major upset of the tournament was Minnesota falling to Middle Tennessee.

There is always one 5 seed that gets eliminated in the first round, and that was Minnesota. One team that is making their mark in the tournament is Xavier, an 11 seed. Xavier advanced to the sweet 16; first taking our 6 seeded Maryland then 3 seeded Florida State. At this point anyone can win. Three 1 seeds remain after two rounds of play. Villanova, last years the Wisconsin Badgers took down national champions.

Duke finished off their season with winning the ACC Championship, but were eliminated by South Carolina in the second round. There is no top team that dominates overall. The sweet 16 starts on March 23rd, which gives all the teams a chance to rest and go over what they need to do to win.

Here are the match ups for the sweet 16: 7 Michigan v. 3 Oregon, 4 West Virginia v. 1 Gonzaga, 4 Purdue v. 1 Kansas, 2 Arizona v. 11 Xavier, 4 Butler v. 1 North Carolina, 7 South Carolina v. 3 Baylor, 3 UCLA v. 2 Kentucky, 8 Wisconsin v. 4 Florida.

It’s anyone’s game now, the board is scattered with seeds ranging from 1-11. An 8 seed is the highest seed to ever win the championship. There is only one team that stands higher than that. The Xavier Musketeers, who are playing outstanding basketball. So let the madness continue, because in the end the team who fights the hardest will become victorious.