Person of the Week: Emily Erhardt

Person of the Week: Emily Erhardt

Lizzie Shuga

This week’s Person of the Week is Emily Erhardt, a junior at Lakewood High School. Emily is a scholar, a musician, and an overall benevolent person.

She is currently in the junior class top 50 with a weighted GPA of 3.9 and an average grade of an A. Emily is currently partaking in three Advanced Placement (AP) courses at the school: AP Calculus AB, AP English Lang & Comp, and AP Physics. Emily is a token of academic excellence for Lakewood High School and exemplifies the amazing goals that can be achieved through hard work. She is currently pursuing a college education at Carnegie Mellon or Case Western Reserve University.

Emily is also highly involved in music, within school activities and without. She is a three-year member of The Lakewood Project on keys, and is going on tour with them this week around Ohio to many different high schools and middle schools in order to showcase their unique sound. In addition, Emily is a member of pit on piano for the school musical Little Women. She also plays piano outside of school and has been taking private lessons for eleven years. She is in Wind Ensemble playing the flute and is currently seated third chair. Emily’s involvement in music has allowed her to pursue goals outside of school and add variety to her skill set.

Emily Erhardt is insanely talented: a musician and a scholar. She is the true ideal of what greatness can be achieved through persistence and strong effort. Flute, piano, academia: all talents of a well-deserving Person of the Week.