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    The Secret Life of an American Teenager


    This Tv show is about some teenagers in high school. The main character is Amy Jerkins, who got pregnant her freshman year with a Ricky. Ricky is the most popular and handsome guy who every girl wants. Ben was the most innocent and nice guy who was in love with Amy. Grace was a catholic girl and really religious.

    Jake was a football player who really liked Grace. Adrian was a mean girl who was dating Ricky. After Amy found out she was pregnant she was really lonely and embarrassed. Ben loved her no matter what and asked her to marry her but no legally. Ricky was sleeping with every women possible and did not care about no one except his sexual life. Ricky had a really bad past. He was adapted because his mom was a drug addict and his dad was really abusive and left them.

    Adrian hated Amy so much because she was having a baby with Ricky. Grace and Jake had sex and in the same day Grace’s dad died, so she thought her dad died because she had sex with Jake, which was so stupid. Amy’s first love is Ben, but she wants Ricky so bad because he is her son’s dad. Ricky kinda wants Amy as well but in the same time he wants to sleep around with every girl.

    When Amy goes to New York, Ricky went there to see her but that was the time when started to fall for each other. Adrian found out about this and got really mad so to take revenge she slept with Ben and got pregnant. After 9 month when she was going to deliver the baby, her baby died and she got into a really bad depression.

    Ricky and Amy are leaving together and Grace got over the fact that her dad died because of her. To know what happens next watch the whole seasons. Will Amy will end up with Ricky or Ben? What will happen to Adrian,Grace and Jake?

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