Chris Golden

The countdown has begun. Senior year is almost over with and seniors all over the country are beyond excited! The next chapter of all their lives are almost here and ready to begin, people are going to off into the work field, or the navy or army or air force or go off to college and further their education.

People are going t be moving all around the country to go to college somewhere, and some are going to be staying close and going to school. Whatever someone decides to do in someway they think it’s the best decision for them.

Different people are going to have many different mixed emotions about graduating, some cant wait to get out of high school and some others don’t like the thought of it because there are so many memories attached to high school.

People that played sports all of high school, having fun teachers and fun classes and as well having bad teachers and bad classes , all the funny moments with your friends in the hallways, school dances, even you could have found your first love in high school. People say high school is the best 4 years of your life and many many many people don’t wanna see all of that go away physically but mentally remember all the good times.

Prom is also a big memory and a big part of high school, all the ways people ask someone and all the seniors together it’s really a big thing to some people and to some parents as well. High school is a big part of people’s life and some people cant wait to leave and some people don’t want it to go, memories will last forever.