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    One of my favorite teachers warned me it wouldn’t last.

    Dating a college student while still in high school just doesn’t work out. The two in the relationship are just at different points in their lives. One is starting their life in the big world and going to a school far away. While the other is still trying to figure out themselves and what they are going to do.

    The distance doesn’t help either. Being hours away just makes everything more complicated. You never get to see each other, and your schedules are just so different you don’t really talk much either. Plus you have to wonder if they are ever doing anything behind your back.

    When they come back home, everything is cool and you hang out normally. When they leave though it’s not even like you are dating anymore.

    So what’s the point of dating someone half the time?

    Trinity Nall said, “If it’s what you both want, then you can make it work.” Yes this is true, but what if only one wants it and the other doesn’t even try to make it work. Then it just ends in an argument. Sometimes it is just tiring to continuously argue. Especially if that’s all you ever do.

    So my advice is to not get into a relationship when one is going to be going away to school. Still stay in touch, and if it is really meant to be then it will be. It may just happen later in your life. There is never no rush to fall in love.

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    Emma Ribar
    Emma Ribar is a 17-year-old girl, who goes to Lakewood High School. She works at Raising Canes in Lakewood. She used to play volleyball and then quit. She has made merit roll and honors roll so many times. She doesn't really have much media experience. After high school, she plans on going to college for Early Childhood Education.

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