Lakewood Goes on Tour

Lakewood Goes on Tour

Emma Bressler

On March 22, Lakewood’s own electric rock orchestra, the Lakewood Project, set off for a tour around Ohio. This tour kicks off on he 22nd, and they will return late the 24th. The Lakewood Project is ready to show off their talent, and display how unique Lakewood, Ohio is. This is the first music group of its kind in the country, and that is what makes it such a prized possession of Lakewood Ohio.

The schools the Lakewood Project will be visiting are Delaware City Schools, Indian Hill Schools, and Ashland City Schools. These schools were picked because of the connection they have with our group.

The middle school orchestra director of Delaware is Abby Wimbiscus, a former Lakewood Project member. The Ashland high school orchestra director is Sarah Sponsler, who is also a former member of the Lakewood Project. The Indian Hill orchestra director is not a former member, but did her student teaching at Lakewood High School. 

The Lakewood Project is not only going to these schools to perform, but the members will be teaching. The members of the Lakewood Project are holding 10 clinics to students in grades 4-12. These clinics include, improvisation, arranging, and playing songs by ear.

This is a great opportunity for not only the other schools, but the Lakewood Project as well. The Lakewood community is excited to hear all about their adventures when they return. As of now, we hope they are having fun and making great music.