Wine and Cheese Thieves

Wine and Cheese Thieves

Caitlin Pakosz

A gang has been caught after stealing 200,000 worth of wine and cheese. 16,000 dollars of wine was stolen and 168 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. this all dated back to 2015. Ten suspects have been caught and arrested.

The eleventh is being tracked down. Police say that a member of the gang was in the agricultural business in the region and passed down information to his accomplices.The police have released video footage of the gang stealing the cheese. Cheese being stolen does sound kind of silly, but this cheese is a prized by thieves.  Believe it or not, robberies of this very fine cheese happens very frequently.

Fourteen million dollars of Parmesan has been stolen the last three years.  The cheese is very easy to steal and put up for sale. Get this, each wheel of cheese has a special identification mark that allows it to be tracked down.

Since this happens, thieves often grate up the cheese or break it into pieces to hide the identification. People think of this act as stealing anything. If you sell the parts of a stolen object individually and don’t sell it all together, then the identification is less likely to be noticed or found.

You would never even know where the stolen object came from or if it was even stolen. The company has now put in an alarm in hopes to stop all of the stealing. It’s always better safe than sorry.