March Madness Upsets

March Madness Upsets

Matt Hammad

The first two rounds are over and all 18 million brackets are busted. With tons of crazy upsets this has been a classic March Madness experience. The first round wasn’t too shocking but 11 seed USC took out 6 seed SMU by one point in a nail biter.

Xavier took out Maryland also 11 and 6 seeds. It was a good week to be an 11 seed because URI also took out Creighton who was a 6 seed as well. The biggest upset in the first round that killed millions of brackets was when Middle Tennessee took out the 5 seed Minnesota as the 12 seed.

The second round started and there were already millions and millions of brackets busted. This is when teams started to lose that many people had winning it all. The Champions of last years tournament and ranked number one this year, Villanova lost 65-62 to 8 seed Wisconsin.

Hours later the 2 seed Duke, another team that many people had winning it all lost to 7 seed South Carolina. That 11 seed Xavier that already has one upset did it again when the best 3 seed Florida State University.

To close off the second round when nobody thought their brackets could get any worse, 7 seed Michigan beat Louisville 73-69. With still four rounds to go, it’s safe to say we can expect a lot to come from these future games.