Abortion: The Good & The Bad

Abortion: The Good & The Bad

Jaclyn Burdette

What would you do if you were a single mother and didn’t have a very high income? What if you were young and scared you would have to grow up too fast? This is what woman have to keep in mind when considering giving birth to a child.

Some people think that women shouldn’t have abortions because it is said that they’re taking “innocent lives”. Scientists say that even though that they are unborn, they are still living, separate, and unique human beings that just have not come out of the womb yet.

Another reason some people think that women should not have abortions is because it can be hard to forget and can be mentally scarring. Some people will take abortions to heart because it is said by some people, it is murder. It would be very challenging to forgive yourself if you yourself consider it murder.

One reason that abortions would be a better idea is because she may not be financially ready to support somebody else. Some people do not have much money and struggle to make money just for themselves but it would be even more challenging and tough if you had another mouth to feed and take care for.

Another reason that abortions would be a good idea is because she may be too young  to take care for another person. She may not have even finished school yet and it would be hard for her in the future to get a job if she drops out of school for the child or something.

Overall, abortion is a very controversial topic and genuinely depends on the person and situation.