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    Beauty and the Beast Review


    Is no secret that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast animation made in 1991 is loved by many people throughout the whole world. The film is as good and magical as any other Disney classic ever made, like: The Little Mermaid, Snow WhitePinocchio and many more.

    This year Disney released the live action movie for Beauty and the Beast. Disney has never failed to bring classics to live since they started producing them in 2010, starting with Alice in Wonderland.

    From 2010 until now they have originated Maleficent(2014), Cinderella(2015), and 2017 is Beauty and the Beast’s time. The movie’s story somewhat altered from the original motion picture, involves a beauty named Belle, performed by Emma Watson, that lives in her little 18th century French village and wants much more for her life then what the life the villagers have planned.

    Mean while, the heartless Prince Adam, played by Dan Stevens, was cursed by an enchantress turning him into a beast and all his servants into talking objects, until someone can truly love him, therefore breaking the curse. Belle’s father, portrayed by Kevin Kline, is a dotty inventor, that sets off on a journey through the forest, takes a wrong turn, and is imprisoned in the castle of the Beast.

    Belle bravely goes on a mission to save her father, and switch places with him staying as a prisoner in order to save her father’s life. As time progresses, the beast and the beauty start to get along and eventually fall in love with each other breaking the curse.

    The 2017 version had many wonderful musical numbers, including all the songs from the original movie and more. The movie also explains Belle’s mother history, shows much more of her relationship with the beast, and more background information.

    The movie was incredible and long-waited for. I am trilled to see what other live-action movie Disney will be doing next.

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