Sports coming to an end

Sports coming to an end

Trinity Nall

When you’re playing your favorite sport, you never really think about it coming to an end. You usually start these sports off typically when you’re younger. Most leagues are through the YMCA or Rec depending on your neighborhood.

These are the days you’ll always remember, because you look back on it and laugh with your friends about the times you guys use to play against or with each other. As time goes on you get into harder levels of this sport and become more passionate about them.

When you’re younger your parents probably put you in multiple sports  to get you moving, but you’ll eventually narrow it down to about 1 or 2.  When you’re in middle school you don’t really think about the sport coming to an end so soon. although you do have time before it’s over, it comes very quick.

People always say high school goes by in the blink of an eye, and this statement usually goes in one ear out the other. Most kids don’t find this to be true, however it is! Sports at the high school level have a higher level of intensity, and competition.  In High School as well you start to think whether you’re taking this sport to the next level or if this is the end of the road for you.

Senior night, you remember being the underclassmen giving the seniors their gift thinking you have a while until you get there. In reality the end of the road will be there before you know it. It’s very sad to think of your favorite sport coming to an end, but you have to think of the positive things this sport brought into your life.

Being involved in a sport at the high school level brings you many things such as lifelong friends, life lessons, and depending some of the best coaches you’ll ever come across. Although it’s sad to think about it being over, if you look bad it did many positive things for you, and for that you should be very grateful.