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    Double standard that could save Obamacare


    Obamacare is now being recognized for helping millions of working class white more than ever. It was a “form of welfare pushed by the first black president to help people of color”. A lot of white residents are at congressional town halls anxious and they have a bad feeling they will suffer if they don’t have Obamacare.

    54% of americans now approve Obamacare. That is the biggest percent ever recorded by Pew. Some attack this change to the fact that millions of Americans are now getting help from the law just as Republicans are set on destroying it.

    The latest argument in the Obamacare is the “American double standard”   ” A crisis hits a marginalized group of Americans and no one cares, It hits white people– particularly white men — and it becomes a national emergency”

    Trump is trying to pass a bill for “Trumpcare” it has to pass through the house but it might be tougher than that so it might have to go through to the senate.

    Trump is trying to make Republicans feel very, very guilty for disagreeing with “trumpcare” (they would be stuck with Obama’s act for good). Trump needs a minimum of two hundred and fifteen votes from the republicans and if 22 democrats join the Democrats the bill will fail.



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