Cavaliers struggle to win

Cavaliers struggle to win

Joseph Lemmeier

Lately, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been struggling to get a win. They have many ways to score through their offensive powerhouse. The big problem is that they collapse on defense. The night they played the Wizards, John Wall was scoring at will on them.This has to stop because if they want to win the Finals again there going to have gets stops and play good defense.

The Cavaliers win when they set up in their defense because it turns into offense, which turns into a 10-0 run. With JR and Kevin Love are back from their injuries, the Cavaliers starting line-up is back to normal. Over the time they were gone, this allowed other players to step up and get noticed.

Derrick Williams was signed and he showed the Land what he was about, with explosive dunks and defensive pressure, he has become an important aspect to the Cavaliers. With all of the new talent, gives the starters some rest while still maintaining a lead at the same time. But in the last ten games, the Cavaliers are 5-5. They’re not playing like themselves, usually there at least above .500.

Falling hard to the spurs recently 103 to 74, the Cavaliers should be worried about the postseason. With that loss, it brings them out of first place in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics have now taken the throne in the East, and are contenders for a spot in the finals.

There are still 8 games left in the season, this is still enough time for the Cavaliers to turn in around and start playing basketball. Once the seasons over and the playoffs hit, we’ll see who’s ready to play and who’s not.