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    Chow Down On Chow Chow


    Chow Chow, which is located on Madison Road Near the High School, has been in business for quite some time now. Their menu features southern foods like fried chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Pickles, Gumbo, and even Chicken Fried Pierogies.

    Although this restaurant is mainly takeout, you have the option to dine in at one of their few tables inside their cute little southern themed restaurant.

    Desserts conclude of a Smokey Banana Ice Cream Sandwich, Caramel Apple & Cake Hash, and a S’more Taco.

    Drinks, like the Smoked Peach Tea and Charred Lemon, are popular among their customers.

    Reviewers on websites like Yelp have been very different with many people. Some say that their experiences were awful and that they would never return. Others say that they love it but have had one to two bad experiences with the food but that will not let them stop enjoying the cool vibes and good food they Serve.

    I, personally, have been to Chow Chow before and my experience was quite pleasant. The Macaroni and Cheese is my top choice when going now. In my opinion, the Hot Chicken is too hot for me, and I enjoy my fair share of spicy foods. That’s why I dare not to try the Extra Hot Chicken. I plan to try some (or all) of their desserts eventually.

    All in all, If you haven’t tried Chow Chow yet, I highly recommend it to everyone. Get the Macaroni and Cheese. You won’t regret it. The restaurant is located at 14201 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio.

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