More Madness from March

More Madness from March

Garlock, Dakotah

March 27, 2017—–   Saturday and Sunday was yet another crazy finish to March Madness to see who would be in the final 4. Saturday March 25th we saw another bracket buster by the #3 seed Oregon taking down #1 seed Kansas in a blow out game by 14 points. We also saw Gonzaga tear through another team by 24 points, honestly Xavier shouldn’t have lost by that much because they took down number #2 seed Arizona but Gonzaga was just too much.

On Sunday we saw once again why March is called March Madness for NCAA basketball because we saw #7 seed South Carolina beat #4 seed Florida. Then we saw possibly one of the best March Madness games when #2 seed Kentucky faced off against #1 seed UNC the game was going back and forth the whole game but we saw yet another buzzer beater by UNC the game was possibly the most emotional out of any game we saw previously.

Now we have the final 4 South Carolina and Gonzaga they are going to face off and Oregon and UNC are going to face off. Will we South Carolina beat the number one seed in Gonzaga to keep their Cinderella story going, or will Gonzaga shut that all down with another blow out win. Will we see an underdog in Oregon beat the favorites to win the tournament in UNC or will we see UNC have another monstrous game and come out on top.

Personally I feel like we will see #1 seed Gonzaga face of between #1 seed UNC now that will be probably be one of the greatest games if not the greatest games in NCAA March Madness history, and I have UNC winning that game by yet another buzzer beater but we could also see both underdogs in South Carolina and Oregon walk out of the final 4 as the final 2 and that would be even more special of a game.