Fat Heads

Fat Heads

Semra Dervisevic

Looking for a great place to have dinner with the family? Fat Heads Brewery and Saloon is definitely the restaurant for you to try! It is a traditional American restaurant with classics such as wings, fries, and burgers! It is easy on the bank as well, with prices ranging around $9 to $15 dollars

Fan favorites are the “Head Hunter Onion Rings”, and “Beauty and the Beasty” burger.

Some raging that the only reason they come to North Olmsted is for Fat Heads. Personally I love the Pizza Margherita which is a pizza with herbs, tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella and goat cheese baked in a stone oven baked to perfection. 

They sadly do not take reservations but the wait is not too extreme unless you have a large amount of people you need seated. They can even send text alerts via message to inform you that your table is ready. Need a place for private parties? They have a party room with darts, pool, and multiple TVs. So you can play while you wait! If you love the food and place so much you can even buy apparel from them to show off your love. If you eat, and buy you can receive some discount. What a package deal!  They only have three locations, with one of them in North Olmsted, Ohio. The others are in Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

Award-winning restaurant with absolutely delicious food? Fat Heads Brewery and Saloon is your place. Follow them on twitter to stay up to date with new foods, and event!